UPDATE for July, 2021:

We created this website last year in spring in order to supply a very high demand of PET rigid films for the visors. In the process we discovered several suppliers in Europe which are very reliable so if you need PET rigid films in rolls for different applications please leave us a message.

The minimum qty is 1 ton ex works.

If you are in a hurry to find PET rigid film in its popular variations like APET or PETG, you came to the right place. Welcome!

Because some customers asked it: yes, we can reserve stock for you so you can be sure you are not without supplies.

We are a family business with no hierarchy (do not tell my wife I said this!)
Actually the same person who is talking to suppliers is talking to the customers too.
The shortest supply chain in the Universe, at your service.

Tell us in the form bellow what are you looking for and after that you may take your time to read more about us.